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Our aim at TCJ Consulting (P) Ltd. is to provide one stop solution to the most complex aspects of any merger or acquisition deal ranging from and including drafting of the tender offers, project financing, due diligence, exchange offers, takeover bids, mergers and schemes of arrangement, joint ventures and strategic alliances etc.

We adopt a multidisciplinary approach and our services include Planning strategies for amalgamation/merger, acquisition, takeover, spin off, reconstruction, reorganization, restructuring and winding up of companies. The details of work include:

    • Conducting due diligence to facilitate crystallization of purchase price and to identify risks associated with acquisition / merger
    • Legal Vetting of the agreement and its implication on the Company
    • Drafting schemes of amalgamation or arrangement, public offer for acquisition or takeover.
    • Structuring of merger/acquisition scheme including Take over Code, Listing regulations, etc.
    • Advise on structuring and jurisdiction of Special Purpose Vehicles.
    • Working out share swap ratio in the case of merger.
    • Drafting of merger scheme, term sheet, share purchase agreement, escrow agreement, non disclosure agreement, etc.
    • Advising on issues like buy-back of shares, reduction of share capital, winding-up of operations obtaining the requisite sanctions and approvals of the High Court or other regulatory authorities.



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